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GLOAM presents: A Hatching

Six Artists, Six Collaborations, Six Alien Films

An exhibition of new artworks made in a lifecycle of artistic collaboration.
All six members of GLOAM, a Sheffield-based artists’ studio and gallery, have produced an artwork with two other members, creating a circle of collaborative experimentation specially for Middlesbrough Art Weekender.
Since its beginning in 1979, the Alien franchise has been defined as both “cult” and “mainstream”; “artistic” and “trashy”. This ambivalent status has provided various avenues for experimentation in which GLOAM’s members have allowed the themes and cultural-historical contexts of the popular series to impregnate their arts practice. The creative result will burst forth upon Middlesbrough Art Weekender in the form of drawings, paintings, sculptures, video and performance.




GOLDTAPPED is an artist led gallery based in The Newbridge Project, Newcastle upon Tyne. Our aim is to provide space for experimentation, development and support emerging artist practices. Our programme includes exhibitions, interviews, talks and workshops.

For The Middlesbrough Art Weekender GOLDTAPPED presents a group exhibition of artists working with symbols, objects and form – creating and questioning ideas of ‘meaning’ through their process. The works will illustrate differing approaches to the use of symbols and how each artist or person imbues symbols with meaning or ideas. The show seeks to draw together the ways that these artists respond to the use of symbols across society.



SEDICI was created by Professor Danny Rolph comprising post graduate artists
based in Southern England. SEDICI is recognized within the art industry as a
radical, collaborative and relevant initiative. This unique endeavour develops
individual and collective spirit of enquiry through enhanced critical and contextual
study, including tutorials, critiques, master-classes and trips to European cultural

SEDICI is committed to artists’ ongoing development and facilitating meetings
between relevant people and organizations in the contemporary art world across
Europe. Every year there are two exhibitions of participants both individually and in
collectives in places such as Poland, Germany, London and Cornwall. During the
past two years the collective exhibition has happened at Contains Art in Somerset in
a SEDICI project titled ‘UN-NAMED’.



WAX is an artist led project based in Middleborough. WAX was established as a means of developing photographic practice through a programme of diverse exhibitions, events and workshops. WAX encourages artistic experimentation, collaboration and the development of skills.

© 2018 Middlesbrough Art Weekender All rights reserved.

Designed by Solar Bear Design

© 2018 Middlesbrough Art Weekender All rights reserved.

Designed by Solar Bear Design